How to take care of your dry hair?

When your hair gets dry?

Probably in winter and autumn when all other parts of your body like skin and lips also seem to dry easily due to the roughness in nature. The air, weather, pollution and chemicals, all play their part nicely in drying and damaging your hair. Thus, it is important to protect your hair from these natural as well as man made disasters on a regular basis.

how to take care of dry hair naturally

Which is why we have picked some daily and basic chores from your routine which can make your hair drier if not done correctly. These activities can cause severe damages to your hair strands and make you feel vulnerable for your entire life.

Here are some measures to take while following your regular hair routine, scroll down to learn them.

Wash your hair only with cold water

When your hair is already dry, don’t make it further damage by washing it with hot water. If you wash your hair on alternate days then hot water can make it more damage as it enables your hair to get more prone to breakage and roughness. Thus, cold water is suitable for this purpose as it does not remove the necessary oils and sebum from your lock but instead store moisture and shine while repairing your damaged hair.

Cold water further removes the problem of dryness prevailing in your mane and give a perfect lustre to it. Use aphogee Curlific Textured Hair Wash hair care product to wash it and reduce dryness.

Avoid heat styling products as much as possible

If you and your hair are addicted to getting straightening or curling treatment daily to style your hair for college or work then it might be the main reason that your hair is dry. To reduce the dryness from your hair, first, you have to avoid the use of these heat styling tools. These tools come with such high temperature that causes extreme dryness and brittleness to your hair and using one regularly can be hazardous.

If you are in a dire need of using a styling tool then better to apply a heat protecting product on your hair first. You can either apply a heat protecting spray or a lotion that reduces the damage and counteract the harsh consequences of the appliances. You can use aphogee products for reducing damage and dryness from your strands.

hair care tips for dry hair

Apply oil regularly

A massage of oil regularly can create wonders in your dry mane as carrier oils like coconut, jojoba, olive, sweet almond and castor contain proteins and vitamins like E and C which are necessary for healthy hair growth. It has been observed that oil can be extremely effective ion all kinds of hair problems and solves the issue of dryness easily.

If you want to make an oil more effective on your dry hair then apply it every time before washing your hair with a good product like aphogee textured hair wash. This Aphogee brand is the best for dry hair.

Switch your product to dry hair product

If you are using a shampoo for oily hair or a clarifying product on your dry mane then switch it before it makes your hair harsher and drier. You can use instead of a shampoo made especially for dry hair like aphogee green tea reconstructor as it comes with keratin treatment to soften dry strands.

Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer is filled with the goodness of keratin and green tea formulation which are best for dry hair and turn them into healthy and shiny looking one.

One mistake in choosing a wrong product or applying excessive heat which your hair cannot afford, your hair’s game is over! Hence, adopt these methods in your regular chores to make your hair live again and remove the dryness completely. These products will not only reduce dryness from your strands but also fills your hair with much-needed moisture and nutrients.

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