10 Effective Natural Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair

Damaged hair problem is not easy to solve as it takes the double period than the time your hair took to get damaged. As your hair is one of the sensitive parts you have, it requires much attention and care whenever needed. There are many disastrous factors available around you which can harm your hair to a great extent and when the harm is done then it will take years to repel it as it can never be undone.

natural hair treatments for damaged hair

If you have the same worry as others then have a look at these below mentioned 10 effective natural hair remedies or treatment. Natural treatments for damaged hair and methods have always been proved effective on all kinds of difficult and sturdy damaged. So, whether it is dryness, brittleness and even split ends, remember to always turn your head towards natural treatments for damaged hair.

These are the natural elements or tips which can help you get back your original and awesome hair from those damages.

natural hair treatments for hair growth


Avocado is not only a fruit used to maintain your diet but also a great patron of hair as it comes with various healthy fats and proteins. These elements help your hair to secure the lost moisture and nutrients which leave them to get damaged by keeping your scalp hydrated and your mane soft and flexible.

You can make a paste of avocado by incorporating it in some oil most likely olive oil or coconut to make it work brilliantly. Using this therapy on one occasion every week may help to cure damages prevailing in your locks.

olive oil

Olive oil

A regular massage of oil has always been one of the best natural treatments for hair as it fills your tresses with much-necessitated moisture and nutrients. Thus, olive oil is perfect for this purpose as it is infused with fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E that proved a great deal to seal moisture if applied on your hair and scalp continuously.

natural treatments for damaged hair

Apple cider vinegar

One of the main reasons that your hair gets damaged is the product build-up left from your hair products like shampoos, conditioners, and other styling products. Vinegar is the best natural formula to remove those residues prevailing in your hair if applied once every week by diluted in water. You can also custom apple cider vinegar instead of shampoo and clean your hair with it to eliminate these damages.

use banana


Damaged hair often adrift its elasticity and softness which can be restored with the help of banana. As it packed with potassium and vitamins, this is the finest remedy to add moistness in your parched and fragile strands. Apply a banana mash once per week on your damaged hair to expand the elasticity and to provide your tresses with a softer and shinier look.



Mayonnaise contains all the necessary ingredients like eggs, oils and vinegar which damaged hair require the most. The blend of these ingredients means mayonnaise is filled with fats that moisturizes the dry mane thoroughly and make your hair a super shiny and soft in texture. This is a perfect remedy for damaged hair that can also prevent further damages if applied 1 cup once every week.

best natural treatments for hair

Coconut oil

This oil is also one of the finest natural hair treatments for hair growth which mean removes all the split ends that prevents your healthy progress of hair. Coconut oil has always been praised and acknowledged for its natural benefits for hair.

Due to the inclusion of natural and required nutrients for damaged hair, it easily penetrates hair follicles which leads to the prevention of future damages. Further, a massage of 3 to 5 minute on hair can increase a rapid growth of healthy and shiny hair which your damages prevent.

aloe vera treatment

Aloe Vera

Besides soothing and moisturizing your skin and burns, aloe vera comforts dry hair as well. The presence of enzymes, Vitamin C, E and amino acids enable it to work wonder on your damaged strands.

There are many diluted or mixture of aloe vera with some shampoo or conditioner accessible in the shop for dehydrated and damaged hair which you can prefer. Else you can use pure aloe vera juice for its plant and pally on your damaged hair every week from 10 to 15 minutes to protect your sensitive mane.

eggs treatment for hair


Enriched with the goodness of usual proteins and minerals, this ingredient is best known for nourishing your hair and scalp completely to hold its original shine and moisture. Either apply a whole egg or use only white part to restore your hair moistness and lustre.

green tea

Green tea

If you are tired of using those vague products that promise to repair all kinds of damages but always fail, then try to wash your hair with something that doesn’t promise anything but just work its part.

We are talking about the greatness of using green tea on your hair in place of shampoo and conditioner both. Shower your mane with green tea instead of these products to remove product build-up which is the main reason for damages.



Whether for the skin. Lips or even hair, honey is always been proved best natural products to infuse moisture. It has a great prospect to repair your damaged hair and filed it with soft and shiny texture and appearance if applied 1 to 2 times per week on your damaged locks.

Try these amazing home remedies as per the direction mentioned above with each of them to improve the quality of your spoiled hair and to get freed of these harsh hair problems for eternal. Enjoy the damage-free hair your entire life by constantly applying one of these natural treatments.

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