What are the Top 3 style sunglasses trending in the market?

Buying sunglasses is a tough job. But when you know the top 3 style sunglasses things can become a little easy. Sunglasses are not only a necessity when you go out but it has become an accessory to match with your dresses too. Sunglasses are necessary to protect eyes from the harsh sunlight which consists of strong ultraviolet rays as well as produces glares. Both of them are enemies of your eyes. Only sunglasses are the best option who can keep UV rays and glares away from eyes.

But when selection of the top 3 style sunglasses gives you sleepless nights, let us give you an insight of what the latest, trendy and most happening sunglasses are. Brow Bar Sunglasses, Double Bridge Sunglasses, and Keyhole Bridge Sunglasses are some of the well known sunglasses that you can always look up to when in doubt. Being a fashion lover or just an adventurer, these glasses are sure to grab your attention and find a place in your wardrobe. How?? Lets find out how.

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Brow Bar Sunglasses

These new age-single string sunglasses are edgy, popular and give an attractive look to your face and style. Brow Bar sunglasses consist of shapes such as round, aviator, rectangular, wayfarer and other geometrical shapes of lenses are attached to one string from the upper part of the frames. Whilst there could be absence of any bridge that usually joins the lenses from the nose area in some brow bar sunglasses.

What separates these sunglasses from others, is the single string on the top of the frames. Generally you get these sunglasses in metallic frames. But manufacturers that have attained the mastery have gone beyond the metal surface and even provide brow bar sunglasses in plastic or Acetate frames.

Put on any of your favourite dresses, a trendy jacket and this brow bar sunglasses. Pick up your car and go round the city with grace, style and raw looks.

Double Bridge Sunglasses

Double bridge sunglasses are somewhat similar to the Brow bar styles. Because the lenses are being adjoined from the nose pad area as well as from the top of the frames, similar to brow bar sunglasses. Everybody’s favourite Aviators are the perfect example of double bridge sunglasses, with one bridge connecting the nose pad area and the other one connecting the lenses from the upper part of the frames.

Plastic and metal, both are skill fully used in a combination in the making of the double bridge sunglasses. Both the bridges are designed in such a way that do not touch the nose or skin in any way. The Metal frames double bridge sunglasses come with comfortable and adjustable nose pads, whereas the Acetate made sunglasses do not have extended nose pads. It is the sides of the lenses that are extended to work as the nose pad for resting the frames of the sunglasses.

Keyhole Bridge Sunglasses

Keyhole bridge sunglasses rose to fame during the 1950s. These are acetate (high grade plastic) made sunglasses, that consists of a bridge adjoining the lenses that looks similar to a ‘’keyhole’’. Yes, the same key hole that you see on the entry door, almirah or lock. This shape of bridge is generally above the nose pad area but not as high as the bridge of brow bar sunglasses. Since the sunglasses frames are made from Acetate, there is no metal and absence of nose pads.

These sunglasses are perfect for those who do not like irritating nose pads on the sides of the lens to hold glasses. Instead there are small, short pads on each side of the nose to rest the plastic frame of the sunglasses on your face. Therefore the keyhole bridge does not touch the nose, as it is only the sides of the sunglasses that come in contact with the skin. The keyhole bridge sunglasses help in adding a more balance structure to the facial features. These sunglasses are available in full rim to equally balance the weight of the lenses on each side.

Where Can I Get Top 3 Style Sunglasses?

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