Use of Magnifying Makeup Mirrors in Fashion World

Magnifying mirrors are beauty accessories widely used in the fashion world. They are mainly used for the beauty of the face. Like ordinary mirrors, they allow you to see the reflection of your face. The difference will however lie in the size of this reflection. If an ordinary mirror just reflects your face, the magnifying mirror will enlarge this reflection.

This enlargement is very useful since it allows you to see more details. You could therefore scrutinize every inch in search of imperfections to hide on your skin, badly cut or badly plucked hairs or even lipstick that protrudes slightly. The magnifying mirror is therefore an accessory made for people who are very attentive to details.

The magnifying mirror is also very useful for people who have vision problems such as presbyopia. Indeed, thanks to the enlargement, these people will be able to better perceive their reflections when they comb their hair or make up. People who wear contact lenses to improve their vision or for cosmetic purposes can also use magnifying mirrors. The enlarged view makes it easier to install these lenses.

Use of magnifying makeup mirrors revolves mainly around the beauty of women. However, men, more and more, can very well use it to perfect their close shave or the size of their beard. The mirror will be of great help in identifying hairs that are a little too long or an unshaven part, because the detail can make the difference.

types of magnifying glasses

How Magnifying Mirror Works?

There are two ways to enlarge the reflection obtained using a magnifying mirror. The first is to form the surface of the mirror so that it takes on a concave shape. The second, much more common, involves using a process similar to the design of glasses mounted on telescopes or microscopes.

This second process is the most used on domestic magnifying mirrors since it provides a finer design, but also makes it possible to eliminate all the distortions of the reflection. The mirror will then be more comfortable to look at.

In general, to have good vision when using this type of mirror, you should approach it at a distance varying between 15 and 25 cm. You may feel dizzy when looking at a magnifying mirror. It is a natural reaction of the body to the optical effect caused by this type of mirror.

Besides the mirror itself, the support and the entire body of the accessory also play an important role in its functioning. In general, a magnifying mirror is equipped with a frame which can be rounded, oval or rectangular. This body will be connected by axes on the sides to the foot which then ends with the base.

It will then be possible to turn the mirror from top to bottom in a 360 ° angle. The foot and the base can be merged in one piece according to the design of the mirror. The foot can also be connected to the frame with a ball joint placed on the back of it. The orientation of the mirror will then be much larger.

Today's models can carry some electrical functionality. LED lighting is the main feature on modern magnifying mirrors. This lighting surrounds the mirror and is not only used for decoration, even if it adds a real elegant touch to the accessory.

In practice, this lighting is used to improve vision when you use your mirror. Two power sources are most commonly adopted, namely: batteries or the wired electrical outlet. This food can be decisive in the mobility of the mirror.

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