6 Best Pink Hair Dyes, Colors You Can Try at Home

Attracted to those bizzare and off beat hair colors? Do you have always loved the idea of pink candies, a pink unicorn, a pink hairpin, a pink dress or a pair of pink shoes? Well, then all the beautiful and fashionista divas, this hair color is right for you. Pink hair dye is very uncommon and not at all considered sophisticated.

But, these are just obsolete and outdated fashion ideas. Pink is the new normal hair color and it looks extremely vibrant after application.

pink hair dye

Many girls feel reluctant to try something new because of the trends set already by society. However, breaking the stereotypes is what many girls wish for and do the same.

Pink hair dye or pastel pink hair dye is what you need to break the norms. With the availability of many hair color brands available, it is nearly impossible to choose the right one according to your hair type and texture.

In the following article, we will let you know the best pink hair dye or pink hair dye for dark hair. This post contains amazon affilate links.

Manic Panic Semi Permanent Cream Hair Color in Cotton Candy

manic panic hair dye

This is one of the best pink hair dyes available. It is present in cotton candy color, semi permanent type. It comes with a 4oz or 118 ml bottle. Since this hair color glows in a black light, it is not very suitable for black hair or should be used on hair after lightening them to level 9 blonde.

This is a vegan product and also devoid of PPD. Very soft color which lasts for 4-6 weeks only if retouched or taken care of.


L'Oréal Paris Colorista Temporary Hair Dye in Hot Pink

Next in line is from a very famous brand of hair colors. The product weighs 6.3 ounces. This is completely free from ammonia and peroxide. With no requirement of mixing, this color is for the people with light blonde or bleached hair.

So, if you have black or dark colored hair, you need to bleach it before applying this dye. This upon application, leaves beautiful pastel color on hair. Being a temporary hair color type, it lasts for 5-10 washes.


Adore Semi Permanent Hair Dye in Cotton Candy

adore pink hair dye

This cotton candy color from Adore is absolutely stunning and will leave you in awe. The hair color comes in a premixed, ready to use 4 oz/118ml bottle. You can mix it with conditioner to lighten the effect.

This product is completely safe as it has no ammonia, peroxide or alcohol in it. It is a semi permanent hair color which lasts upto 8-10 washes. This is definitely a go-go product for blondes or brunettes.


Crazy Color Semi Permanent Color - Pinkissimo

pastel pink hair dye

Next we have a pinkie hair color from crazy color. Perfect for Recommended for pale to platinum blonde hair, this product weighs 100 gm and ready to use formula. It gives a beautiful hot pink color of the semi permanent type.

However, it is not completely semi permanent and fades out too quickly after every wash.


Good Dye Young Poser Paste Temporary Hair Makeup in Ex-Girl Pink

best pink hair dye

If you want pink hair but don't want it to last a lot, then this is the color you want. Good Dye Young Poser Paste Temporary Hair Makeup in Ex-Girl Pink features a beautiful fluorescent pink hair which can be washed away in 1-2 washes depending upon the quantity of color applied.

It comes in a premixed ready to apply form and dries out very quickly. You just have to apply it by taking it out of the jar.

The color intensity and length totally depends upon you. However, the color is added in the form of layers, so it may leave your hair chalky and the color may come out with each combing.

Punky Flamingo Pink Semi Permanent Conditioning Hair Color

At last we have Punky Flamingo Pink Semi Permanent Conditioning Hair Color. This hair color comes in a 3.5 ounce bottle. Truly vibrant and funky as it is, this hair color a vegetable based conditioning cream which leaves hair smooth.

It is devoid of PPD and paraben and lasts really long for upto 8-40 washes. However, it would require you to lighten your hair a bit to have maximum effect of the hair color, say blonde or light brown.


Final Words

Coloring your hair is never an easy task as it is too risky. But getting the right hair color according to your hair type and texture is all you need. So, now you can definitely go out and experiment your hair in a really funky but vibrant manner as hair is what defines you and builds up your confidence. Pink is an all time girl's favorite color and getting it on the hair is what sounds dreamy.

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