Best Blue Hair Dye and Hair Color Products

Everybody, almost everybody in their lives thought about getting some funky hair color on their hair and looking quirky. A blue hair dye is something peculiar and outlandish to the usual brown, black or blonde hair color. But, why to worry? Blue definitely looks amazing and outstanding and why would it not, after all it's the color of the beautiful sky and the boundless sea.

Whether it's a blue ombre hair color, dark blue hair color or blue black hair color, you need not to worry about choosing the best solution for your hair. Here, we are providing you all the directions you need. So, my beautiful chics go for this amazing color of sky and sea and look stunning.

blye hair dye

List of Best Blue Hair Dye and Color for You

Let's dive into some amazing blue hair dye or color for any type of hair. If you want pink hair dye then you can select any one from here.

Jerome Russell Punky Color

punky blue hair color

This beautiful Atlantic blue hair color is a semi permanent color. It is from the trusted brand Punky color is available in a jar. The volume of the jar is 3.5 ounce/100 ml. It is a premixed, ready to use hair dye. This amazing hair color comes as a deep conditioning cream and gives an amazing blue to blue black color after application.


This product is devoid of any kind of animal cruelty, totally vegan. Being ammonia free, it makes your hair shinier and softer. It also doesn't include paraben, PPD and any kind of toxic chemicals. Due to it's semi permanent quality, this hair colour lasts for more than 20 washes. The creme base is another advantage which gives an amazing conditioning effect. The hair color possesses a sweet smell.


In order to get the best effects, you will have to lighten the shade of your hair by bleaching or going blonde.

Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye - Poseidon (Blue)

semi permanent blue hair dye

This stunning Poseidon blue hair color is from the brand Arctic fox and comes in a jar of volume 4 Fl oz/ 100 ml. It is again a premixed, ready to apply cream based hair color. This gives a very vibrant and beautiful hair color.


Coming to it's pros, this hair color is vegan and totally free from any kind of animal torture it cruelty. The good creme base gives an ultimate conditioning effect. Being a semi permanent color, it will last for quite a good time, lasting for more than 5 weeks, totally depending upon your hair care regimen.


It works effectively only with the light hair color or bleached hair. So, for dark hair color, you have to bleach them or lighten them to a lighter shade of hair color.

Clairol Color Crave Semi-Permanent Color Indigo

semi permanent hair color

The indigo blue color from the brand Clairol comes in a tube form. The volume of the tube is 2 Fl oz/ 60 ml.


It is a premixed, ready to use hair color so you don't have to go through a hectic job of mixing the color. A semi permanent product, it will last for a few weeks. Again, it also has a conditioning pro, you can also mix a conditioner for an expanded softening effect.


The product doesn't meet expectations in terms of blue color. The color may come out completely different from blue like green or something else. It may even not even work on light hair color or bleached hair.

L'oreal Paris Hair Color Colorista Makeup 1-day For Brunettes, Blue 6

loreal paris hair color

Here comes the much awaited review of the most famous and trusted hair color. The beautiful blue color from L’oreal Paris Colorista for brunettes is a temporary hair color lasting for only one day. It comes in an attractive tube form. The volume of the tube is 1 Fl oz/30 ml.


Hey, a wonderful hair color which will last only till your next wash, a big advantage isn't it? You don't have to carry the color for a long time in case you change your mind. You can wear it on and off whenever you want it. A total win-win situation. Besides, trust of a brand like L'oreal, this product states that it is for brunettes or blondes, but it is equally good with dark color haired people.


If you want a hair color for quite a long time, then this is not for you. Also it has a very powerful smell. It may hit hard on people with sensitive olfactory senses.

Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Blue Hair Color Cream

best blue hair color

Another beautiful atomic turquoise blue semi permanent haircolor from the brand Manic Panic comes in a premixed, ready to use jar of volume 4 fl oz/ 118 ml. It's a popular and trusted brand and gives beautiful blue color on hair. The packaging of the jar is just amazing and tempting.


This product is vegan and cruelty free making you guilt free. Also it lacks paraben, PPD, ammonia and other toxic chemicals making it completely safe for your hair. This product comes with a conditioner. Being a semi permanent hair color, it lasts upto 5-8 weeks depending upon your hair care regimen.


This hair color wears off in a teal green color. So if you don't like green hair color, don't opt for this. Besides, this product shows the maximum effect on a bleached hair or a light colored hair.

Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color #174 Sapphire Blue 4 Ounce (118ml)

semi permanent blue hair dye

This Sapphire blue hair color from the brand Adore is a semi permanent, premixed ready to use hair color. It comes in a tube form of volume 4 fl oz/ 118 ml. Also, find out more adore semi permanent hair dye from here.


A vegan product. It doesn't involve any kind of animal cruelty. A semi permanent hair color lasting upto 1-2 months. A great smelling hair color.


This hair color requires a preliminary bleaching or a lighter hair shade. It doesn't work well with dark hair color.

Hair coloring definitely alters the look and if you are looking for a change, then you must opt for an uncommon hair color. Going quirky is the new sexy. So, all the beautiful fashionista divas out there, go be yourself and try new looks. There are various temporary as well as permanent hair color options available out there. Changes are part and parcel of life and embracing the changes is what everyone should try once in life.

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