How To Hide Pimples With Makeup?

Due to our unhealthy lifestyle and a hell lot of stress, we are highly prone to getting acne and wrinkles. Either it's our lifestyle or the food that we are consuming or the fluctuating hormones that cause a surge in the breakouts. For all the women out there, these acne and pimples are our biggest nemesis. These usually appear only when there is an event. Sadly. Anyway now you don't have to worry about their appearance as we have got our weapon ready, an amazing makeup that will hide your nasty acne, yes those red bumps.

Just keep reading the full article to know about this life saving hack. Now you can cover your pimples using some basic makeup skills and voila you are done. Nobody will ever know about your stubborn acne.

How To Hide Acne With Makeup?

Applying makeup to cover acne is not tough, it just requires little knowledge to go. You don't want to look cakey. A right combination of spot treatment as well as the correct application of foundation, concealer, primer and other makeup stuff can help you a lot. Below is the way to hide your pimples using makeup-

What are the things you will require?

To go for a war (against your acne and pimples of course), you are going to require certain weapons or your makeup kit. Here is the list of the things that you are going to need-

  • Primer- Get yourself a good quality of primer which should be light in weight and oil free. An SPF concealer is preferred to get the protection from the sun also.
  • Concealer- The concealer should match your skin tone and a good quality one.
  • Concealer brush
  • Foundation- Try to get a foundation which is not comedogenic, otherwise it may lead to the appearance of acne.
  • Compact- Lastly you would need a setting compact powder to keep everything in place. It should be healthy for your skin too.

Your stepwise savior from the angry zits

So, finally the wait is over. Here's how you can deal with those angry little bumps and cover them under the blanket of well concealed makeup and slay your upcoming event without worrying about that nasty bump-

  • Clean your face- You must clean your face prior to applying makeup as this can lead to the accumulation of toxic substances over your skin causing the appearance of zits. Use a good quality of face wash and cleanser.
  • Apply Primer- Application of primer creates a uniformity in the makeup and also acts as a hurdle between the two. You can either apply it all over or on just the spots.
  • Next is foundation- Next step includes application of foundation or a BB cream, whatever suits you using a spread brush or a blending sponge.
  • Set it using powder- Now set all what you applied using powder. Do not overdo this as it may end up making your face look dull and cake. You can also use a setting spray to fix the makeup.
  • Your angry zit is hidden well- Now your acne is concealed successfully and you can flaunt your looks by the day.

These tips are useful only when you want to hide acne. If you want to get rid of these, you need to pay a visit to a good dermatologist. Only he can tell you what's good for your skin and also maybe prescribe you some medicines to get rid of it completely. Also, read about how to apply liquid eyeliner for beginners in this post.

Another great strategy for hiding the acne is by creating a distraction towards your other facial part like eyes. If you have got zits on your cheeks, beautify your eyes with an amazing makeup look. If you have got acne on your forehead, apply a good amount of lip gloss. This will create a sense of distraction and will make your pimples less visible.

So here were some amazing makeup hacks to hide your pimples and acne and also make yourself look amazing and beautiful as you are. Although we don't promote false beauty or body shaming. We understand every individual is different and even women with acne look as beautiful as women with clear skin and they completely slay the look.

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