How to Apply Foundation on Face? | Step By Step Guide

Going to a party? Well, everyone tries to look their best and don their best attire. But what about the face? Your face should look equally good. It should complement your body and the attire. The best thing to accomplish this is by wearing makeup.

Wearing makeup is not child's play. It requires precision and experience. You should be well skilled and must be able to wear it with equal grace and confidence. Your confidence speaks all, and this confidence comes from well-experienced hands only. Just when you know you can wear makeup so beautifully, you automatically become a more confident version of yourself.

In this article, we shall discuss how to apply the basic and the quintessential part of any makeup, a foundation. We will let you know how to pick up the right foundation by your skin tone and also how to apply foundation on the face by hiding all the marks and pigments on the skin. Just keep reading and this article will change your life.

how to apply foundation on the face

How to choose the right foundation according to your skin tone?

With a large array of different foundation shaded available, picking up the most suitable option for your skin is certainly a painstaking task. You have to go through a large variety of foundations, test them and then pick them up. The main aim of picking up the best foundation is that it should complement your skin tone making it clearer, you shouldn't opt for a shade that will make you too white or fair in colour.

Such shades are not at all good for your look. Every skin tone is beautiful, you just need the correct foundation and there you go beautiful. While buying any foundation, you should consider a few things in your mind much before, such as finish, colour, texture, coverage etc.

It should blend well with your face tone and shouldn't make you look whitish or dull. It should make your skin look even and uniform without the appearance of any kind of blemishes. That's what a foundation does, makes your skin tone even.

Before buying a foundation, you should test. The first thing that comes to our mind for testing is by doing a patch test on the forearm. But this is not correct as the complexion of the forearm is darker than your face. To test you can apply it on your chest area or you can test on your face if it's a safe product. If it blends well with your chest, you can go for the shade.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the testing on the face shouldn't be done on the front side, but it should be done along your hairline or extreme left or right side of your face.

This is how you test it. Now once you are satisfied with the colour and the texture, you can go for it. Remember it shouldn't be too dark or too light according to your skin tone, it should just blend well with your face tone and complexion.

maybelline fit me foundation

What do I recommend?

If I have to go for any brand, I would suggest you go with Maybelline Fit me foundation. Available in as many as 18 shades, it provides a natural matte finish to your face. It can be worn out daily and is equally suitable for acne-prone skin. The Maybelline Fit Me foundation is dermatologically tested so you don't have to worry about its outcome and is also non-comedogenic. So, you surely can go for this one.

Steps to apply foundation on the face

Here are the steps to get flawless skin using foundation.


Before you start applying anything, clean your skin or face properly to get rid of oil, dirt and leftover makeup particles. You can use cleansing milk for this purpose or another cleanser. Once your skin is devoid of any dirt particles, it is free to start with the application.


Now once your face is clean, it is very important to restore its hydration due to loss of water while cleansing. You have to apply a good quality moisturizer for this very purpose. Just use your fingertips to evenly spread the moisturizer onto your skin.

Apply foundation

The next step calls for applying foundation using a brush. You can use any foundation that suits your skin and its tone. Just start applying foundation using a brush from the centre of the face and blend it outwards. Always start from the centre and then move out. This way you can easily apply the foundation.


Now, this is the game-changer. For blending, you have to use a good quality makeup damp sponge. Now you have to gently press it on your skin and roll it on your skin smoothly to give an even textured look on your face. This is an important step and missing this would lead to looking like a caked face.


Now use a concealer to hide the blemishes. Just apply it using your fingertips. This will help in hiding all the blemishes and pigmentations that are visible on the skin after the application of foundation.

Set your foundation

Now you have to set the foundation using a face compact powder perfectly matching up with your skin. Apply it using a brush at the areas where the oil secretion is in larger amounts. This could be your T zone or chin or under the eyes. Don't over-apply it, else it would not make your makeup look natural and flawless.

So, these were some easy DIY steps to master the art of applying foundation. One thing to notice here is that you could choose any type of foundation that suits your skin but before buying out any new foundation, make sure to test it well. This will prevent you from buying a non-usable product. We hope that you liked this article. Stay tuned for more beauty and fitness tips.

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