How to Apply Eyeliner?

In this article, we are going to focus on how to apply eyeliner. This particular technique will work with any eye makeup look that you create and it will also work with your eye shape. So let's get started.


Let's talk a little bit about the shaping that we want to create with this particular look. All we really want to do is to deepen and darken the roots of the lashes. Following the natural curve and shape of the lid allowing it to be slightly tapered on the inner corner and also towards the outer corner. If you want to stop and start this line where the lashes stop and start this is really about creating the illusion of definition rather than actually how to apply eyeliner so here are some of everyone's favourite tips regarding how to apply liquid eyeliner.

how to apply eyeliner

Find a good mirror

The first thing is having a good mirror and I would recommend using one that is magnifying and also non magnifying. If you use a magnifying mirror you can often create the wrong shaping so make sure you're flipping over and back to see what it looks like up close and far away. The next thing is to rest your elbow on something for a little bit of support. This is particularly for people who have unsteady hands. This will make a massive difference and you can also use your pinky for support.

This will make sure to get rid of too much of that little shake that you might have. a couple of different ways that you can do it you can use your fingertip on your pinky and rest this on your cheek or if you're left handed or working on the other eye you might need to switch your hand around and rest your pinky at the side either way using your pinky for support will create a smoother line before you apply anything.

I want you to get used to creating little strokes so don't touch the skin and just practice a few little strokes working across a lash line in order for you to know the actual shaping that is being created now. If you're using a felt tip liner one thing we like to do is take a plastic lid and just squash it down ever so slightly to make sure its fully saturated in the inky black liner. With this if you want information about how to apply liquid eyeliner then you can read our post on it here.


I always like to start in the middle so right in the middle off the lash line and then we’re gonna be working outward so ignore the inner corner for now focus on the center and blend outwards and you want to try to keep the liner as horizontal as you can against the skin using that pinky for support work your way across.

And we are going to continue the line moving it slightly outwards and this time I want to fold my pinkie underneath this will just allow me to get a little closer access to the outer corner of the lid. Now you can also switch your hand around and pull the liner in the opposite direction from the outer edge to meet the center. This is a nice way to get that smooth line now when you're working on the inner corner. You want to make sure that it's a really thin line compared to everything else that you have done.

A nice little technique for this is just to keep it a little higher so it's dropping lower across the lash line. We will just make sure you don't get a really thick line and you want to start where the sashes strat. Don't bring it right to the inner corner focus mostly on the lashes and keep reply nice and thin and there you go this is almost an invisible eyeliner look. You can make it as thick as you want but it looks great with so many different eye makeup looks because it creates definition.

Fix the hazards

You can fix any type of hazards by just adding little amount of makeup remover on the leaf brush what we are going to to is basically paint over the top of the mistake and this will just break town that liner for you and lift it away depending on how much you want it repeat as many times as you want just want to make sure it doesn't get too wet and that's why keeping a dry q-tip is really important just to remove any excess eyeliner try to avoid makeup removers that are too oily because that will just get onto your lead and wait everything else use a water based one.

You will find the applicator is getting dirty and it will have some of your Foundation on it some eyeliners stain Lane and it can be very difficult without fully removing it so what I actually like to do is there a little bit of shivering eyeshadow to cover up any mistakes because this will reflect the light for you and there you go that is the finished look just at some mascara and your lashes are going to look really theek and they are gone to blend really nice either way this invincible eyeliner technique is perfect for beginners and a perfect answer of ‘how to do eyeliner?’ So give it a try. I want you guys to master this and then you can conquer the world.

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