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Robert Kaufman Fabrics is an esteemed textile enterprise that has been reshaping the fabric industry since its establishment. With a steadfast dedication to providing superior materials and an extensive array of designs, this brand has garnered a significant position in the affections of quilters, sewists, and crafters around the globe.

Robert Kaufman Fabrics came into existence in 1942, through the visionary entrepreneurship of Robert Kaufman, who possessed a profound love for textiles. Starting from modest origins, this company has flourished into a worldwide force, renowned for its unwavering pursuit of excellence. By prioritizing superior craftsmanship, Robert Kaufman Fabrics has established a reputation for producing fabrics that are not only visually captivating but also resilient and trustworthy.

robert kaufman fabrics

This blog post aims to highlight their popular Kaufman Lake collection to the innovative creations of Kelly Kaufman and the timeless appeal of Kaufman Essex Linen and Wings Kaufman, the company has consistently pushed boundaries to inspire creativity.

So let’s get started.

kaufman lake

Kaufman Fabrics Lake House - RV Camping - Jungle Green

One of the standout collections from Robert Kaufman Fabrics is the Kaufman Lake collection. The colors Green Apple, Jungle Green, Oak Brown, Scarlet, Bark Brown, Tangerine, Azure, and Milk White come to life as forest animals roam amidst fully equipped camping RVs.

These digitally printed scenes depict larger trailers measuring approximately 5-1/4" and are part of the captivating 'Lake House' collection designed by Mary Lake-Thompson for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

kelly kaufman

Kaufman Fabrics Artisan Batiks: Wintergreen - Holly Batik - Kelly Green

A notable figure within the Robert Kaufman Fabrics family is Kelly Kaufman, a talented designer who infuses her artistic vision into fabric collections. The hues of Leaf Green, Guacamole, Evergreen, Hunter Green, and Kelly Green merge harmoniously in this richly textured backdrop, adorned with delicately falling holly leaves.

This holiday batik fabric is an ideal choice for various winter-themed projects. The batik design features larger leaves measuring approximately 1-3/4" and is part of the enchanting 'Artisan Batiks: Wintergreen' collection, meticulously crafted by Lunn Studios for Artisan Batiks, a division of Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

kaufman essex linen

LINEN & Kaufman Essex, HEMP

Another gem within the Robert Kaufman Fabrics portfolio is the Kaufman Essex Linen collection. Renowned for its timeless elegance and versatility, this linen fabric has become a staple for many sewing projects.

Its natural texture and subtle variations in color lend a rustic charm to quilts, garments, and home decor items. Whether used as a standalone fabric or as a complement to other materials, Kaufman Essex Linen adds depth and character to any creation.

wings kaufman

Kaufman Fabrics Secret Garden - Garden Wings - Dawn Blue

Nature enthusiasts and animal lovers find solace in the Wings Kaufman collection. The vibrant colors of Leaf Green, Scarlet, Ginger Gold, Cream, Black, Aqua, Indigo, Azure, Retro Pink, and English Toffee come alive on this garden-themed canvas, adorned with intricate trails of whimsical flourishes and delicate curls left behind by a multitude of insects in flight.

These enchanting butterflies, digitally printed and measuring approximately 1-1/2", are part of the captivating 'Secret Garden' collection. Designed by Jena DellaGrottaglia, this collection is crafted exclusively for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

Wrapping Up

Robert Kaufman Fabrics has established itself as a leading force in the fabric industry by consistently delivering top-notch products that fuel creativity and inspire artistry.

Whether it's the serene landscapes of the Kaufman Lake collection, the artistic designs of Kelly Kaufman, the timeless elegance of Kaufman Essex Linen, or the celebration of nature's splendor in Wings Kaufman, this brand offers a vast array of options for every creative endeavor. With a dedication to quality and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Robert Kaufman Fabrics continues to empower crafters around the world to bring their imaginative visions to life.

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